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Reliable fluid flow between stationary and rotating systems

- hydraulic pitch control-

DEUBLIN have for more than 60 years been internationally renowned for supplying high quality rotating unions world wide. Manufacturing sites are located on three continents, North America, Europe and Asia where 600 employees are dedicated to satisfy customer demands with fully developed solutions and customized specialities. Highly qualified engineers located in 17 subsidiaries and 50 distributors facilitate projects world wide from enquiry through to delivery. Superb products, high quality standards and the worldwide organisation enable DEUBLIN to be a preferred first tier supplier to the wind industry.

The Rotating union is a precision mechanical component which allows the transfer of pressurized fluids from stationary systems to rotating machinery. Rotating unions must be designed considering a wide range of media, viscosities, temperatures and pressure ranges beside different media velocities.

Being a partner in the wind industry means to DEUBLIN that for wind turbine application only customised solutions which can ensure highest expectations in terms of reliability and long life are fullfilled. The rotating union is a critical component to the wind turbine hydraulic pitch-control-system.

Quality standards following ISO 9001 und ISO EN 14001 are basic foundations to support our customers’ requirements. Further Deublin is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which supplements a lean logistic operation in terms of customs regulations.

Planung, Herstellung und Vertrieb von hydraulischen Drehdurchführungen und elektrischen Schleifringen. Design, manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic rotary joints and electrical slip rings.
Andreas Schubert, Global Key Account Manager

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