Aquila Capital ernennt den Leiter der Beraterbeziehungen

Aquila Capital gab heute die Ernennung des Industrie-Veteranen Ian Williams als Head of Consultant Relations bekannt.

(WK-intern) – In der neu geschaffenen Rolle wird Williams für das strategische Engagement der Firma mit den Beratern und die weitere Stärkung des institutionellen Geschäfts von Aquila Capital verantwortlich sein.

Aquila Capital appoints Head of Consultant Relations

Aquila Capital today announced the appointment of industry veteran Ian Williams as Head of Consultant Relations. In the newly created role, Williams will be responsible for the Firm’s strategic engagement with consultants and the continued strengthening of Aquila Capital’s institutional business.

Ian will also represent the Aquila Group’s activities related to Environmental Social and Governance principles (ESG) to internal and external stakeholders. In this important role he will drive the continued advancement of the Firm’s policies and work with the investment management teams to enhance existing responsible investment practices.

Ian Williams joins Aquila Capital from BNY Mellon, where he was head of consultant relations, having joined the firm in 2006. Throughout his career, Ian has specialised in UK and European consultant relations and institutional sales.

Roman Rosslenbroich, CEO and Co-Founder of Aquila Capital, said: “I am delighted to welcome Ian to Aquila Capital. He is highly respected within the industry and brings with him over 30 years’ outstanding experience in working with investment consultants. The close cooperation with investment consultants is a crucial factor for us as we want to preserve and extend our long-term business with institutional investors.

“I am convinced that Ian’s role as our representative for ESG principles complements his relationship function at Aquila Capital and enables us not only to incorporate ESG principles within our daily activities, but also enhances our ability to promote social responsibility and sustainable thinking at each level of the Firm and externally.”

Ian Williams commented: “Over the last decade we have seen a number of dramatic changes in the alternative investments market. Throughout this time the influence of investment consultants has continued to be highly significant. In my new position at Aquila Capital I am really pleased to be able to combine this market-facing role with the further implementation of ESG principles in all business activities of Aquila Capital.”

PR: Aquila Capital

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