SeaRenergy verkabelt Konverterstation BorWin Gamma mit dem Offshore-Windpark Hohe See

SeaRenergy übernimmt QHSE Management & Support für die HVAC Exportkabelverbindung zwischen der BorWin Gamma Plattform und dem Offshore-Windpark “Hohe See”

(WK-intern) – SeaRenergy to provide QHSE management & support for the HVAC export cable connection between BorWin Gamma platform and “Hohe See” windfarm

SeaRenergy has been awarded by the EPIC contract holder & Chinese power cable manufacturer ZTT to provide QHSE services.

The scope for QHSE management & support includes the cable load-out, cable transport and installation phase of the project as well as the commissioning and testing phase. SeaRenergy has commenced its contractual duties and responsibilities and completion is scheduled for Q2 2019.

With a service range from T&I concept design and installation to operations and maintenance, SeaRenergy is a reliable partner for all QHSE aspects in offshore wind projects.

PR: SeaRenergy

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