Michael Glavind wird mit sofortiger Wirkung neuer CEO von A2SEA

Michael Glavind ersetzt Jens Frederik Hansen als CEO von A2SEA

(WK-intern) – Der Vorstand von A2SEA hat beschlossen, Michael Glavind zum neuen Chief Executive of-Ficer (CEO) von A2SEA zu ernennen.

Michael Glavind ist derzeit als Chief Financial Officer bei A2SEA tätig.

New CEO of A2SEA appointed

Michael Glavind replaces Jens Frederik Hansen as CEO of A2SEA as of 30 June.

A2SEA’s Board of Directors has decided to appoint Michael Glavind as the new Chief Executive Of-ficer (CEO) of A2SEA. Michael Glavind currently holds the position as Chief Financial Officer in A2SEA.

Chairman of A2SEA, Thomas Dalsgaard, says of the appointment:
“After careful consideration the Board of Directors has concluded that the time has come for a change in the A2SESA management. The Board is very pleased that Michael Glavind has accepted the position. He has an extensive track record in A2SEA and many years of experience from the off-shore wind installation sector. The Board of Directors believes that Michael Glavind is the right per-son to ensure the continued operation and development of A2SEA’s activities.”

Michael Glavind replaces Jens Frederik Hansen, who has chosen to leave A2SEA in mutual agree-ment. Thomas Dalsgaard says:
“Jens Frederik Hansen has made a huge contribution to A2SEA for nine years and is handing over a well-run company. I would like to thank Jens Frederik for his contributions and wish him good luck in the future.”

A2SEA and Jens Frederik Hansen have decided not to comment any further on his resignation from A2SEA.

Michael Glavind will take up his new role as CEO with immediate effect.


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