Erste Gondel für Merkur Offshore Windfarm hat das Fließband verlassen

GE Renewable Energy gibt bekannt, dass die erste von 66 Gondeln für den Merkur Offshore-Windpark fertig gestellt ist.

(WK-intern) – Entsprechend der Planung wird diese Gondel am GE-Standort Saint-Nazaire (Frankreich) gelagert, während weitere noch hergestellt werden und dann in unserem logistischen Operationsdrehkreuz in Eemshaven (Niederlande) verschickt werden, wo der Installationsvorgang im Frühjahr 2018 beginnen wird.

First nacelle for Merkur Offshore windfarm has left the assembly line

GE Renewable Energy announces that the first nacelle (out of 66) that will be part of the Merkur Offshore windfarm has recently left the assembly line. According to planning, this nacelle will be stored at GE’s Saint-Nazaire (France) site while new ones continue to be manufactured, and then be shipped to our logistical operations hub in Eemshaven (Netherlands) where the installation process will start in spring 2018. “Merkur is a very important project and a strategic windfarm for us because it allows us to continue our export ramp-up activity in Saint-Nazaire while we keep on moving into new strategic projects. Just last week we announced our first China offshore deal that will make GE the only supplier to have installed offshore wind turbines in the Americas, Europe and Asia”, said John Lavelle, CEO of GE’s Offshore Wind business. Merkur windfarm is located approximately 35km north of the island of Borkum, Germany, in the North Sea, and consist of 66 turbines that will generate approximately 1,750 GWh annually, enough clean energy to power around 500,000 homes. When completed (end 2018), Merkur will be one of Germany’s largest offshore wind farms.

PR: GE Renewable Energy

The first GE Haliade 150-6MW nacelle for Merkur leaves Saint-Nazaire / Pressebild: GE

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