Das Programm der World Small Wind Conference 2017 ist erschienen

Referenten aus fast 20 Ländern präsentieren die neuesten Entwicklungen der kleinen Windmärkte weltweit.

(WK-intern) – “SMALL WIND & SOLAR HYBRID SYSTEMS: Key to a Self-Sufficient Energy Future”
Munich, Germany, 1-2 June 2017

The Programme of the World Small Wind Conference 2017 has been released: Speakers from almost 20 countries will present the latest developments of the small wind markets around the world.

After presenting the global small wind statistics, the first session will give an overview of the key markets around the world. Another session will tackle latest technology developments related to small wind turbines.

The second day will start with a session dedicated to small wind hybrid systems. The special focus will be on how a combination of small wind turbines, solar and other renewable technologies and storage can pave the way for self-sufficient energy supply around the world. The concluding panel will deal with local and global strategies on how to foster the use of small wind.

All sessions will include an interactive panel discussion between the panelists and the audience.

Registration Open!!
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Program (last update: 04.04.2017)
Day 1 – 01.06.2017 / 10:00-18:00
Welcome and Introduction

Hon Peter Rae, President WWEA, Australia
Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General WWEA
Florian Wessendorf , Intersolar

World Small Wind Report
Global Small Wind Market Status – Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, WWEA, Germany

Markets around the World: Opportunities for Small Wind and Hybrid Systems

The current situation and developing trends of the Chinese Small Wind Power Industry – Shen Dechang, Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association, China
Small Wind in Austria – Kurt Leonhartsberger, TU Wien, Austria
Small Wind in Italy – Alessandro Giubilo, Assieme, Italy
Small Wind in Germany – German Small Wind Association BVKW, Germany
Small Wind in Spain – APPA, Spain
Small Wind in Denmark – Morten V. Petersen, Danish Small Wind Industry Association, Denmark
Small Wind in USA – Jennifer Jenkins, Distributed Wind Association, USA (tbc)
Panel Discussion

Small Wind Technology: Current Trends and Challenges

Measured power curve performance comparison of 6 small wind turbines at consumer sites of different physical complexities and wind regimes – Raymond Byrne, Centre for Renewables & Energy, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
Evaluation of the influencing quantities of oscillations and vibrations of small-wind-turbines (SWT) and its reduction – Alexander Hirschl, TU Wien, Austria
Simulations of Savonius Rotors using OpenFOAM – Federico González, FING-UdelaR, Uruguay
In-service behaviour of building mounted small wind turbines – Mauro Peppoloni, TU Wien, Austria
Bornay Wind+: a new approach on SWT’s control electronics – Juande Bornay, Bornay, Spain
Panel Discussion

DAY 2 – 02.06.2017 / 10:00-14:00

Optimising Small Wind Hybrid Systems

An adaptable agent-based control model for rural electrification for small wind and solar hybrid off-grid systems – Anna-Kaarina Seppälä, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Hybrid Energy Systems with dW, hW and kW windturbines – Frits Ogg, O2G Sustainable Energy Solutions, The Netherlands
A variety of household wind-solar hybrid generation mode in Inner Mongolia of China – Yang Bin, Hohhot BOYANG, China
Proposal for a practical sizing method for hybrid systems from a manufacturer’s point of view – Sergei Melentjev, TUGE Energia OÜ, Estonia
A Wind-Battery-Diesel Hybrid Energy System for Fish Farming Applications – Pål Preede Revheim, National Wind Energy Center, Norway
On the path to extensive use of renewable-only hybrid systems – Luis Arribas, CIEMAT, Spain
Panel Discussion

Developing New Markets: Global and Local Strategies

Wind who lights up – Alejandro Gutiérrez , FING-UdelaR, Uruguay
Pilot projects on small-scale community wind power developments in rural Ethiopia – Woldemariam Wolde-Ghiorgis and Timnit Wolde-Ghiorgis, IDRI, Insight Development Research Institute, Canada-Ethiopia
Assessment of Small-Scale-Wind Power in Sub-Sahara Africa: Energy System Modelling and Job Creation Analysis – Ayodeji Okunlola, Technical University of Munich, Germany
INSPIRE – IRENA’s platform for RE patents and standards – IRENA IITC, Germany (tbc)
Small Wind Turbine Optimization and Market Promotion Project (SWTOMP) – Carolina Garcia, CIEMAT, Spain
Panel Discussion

PR: FH Technikum Wien
Danish Small Wind Turbine Association
ees Europe
Intersolar Europe

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