Nkt cables übernimmt ABBs-Hochspannungskabelgeschäft

Das neue Geschäft wird einen deutlich höheren Umsatzanteil innerhalb von Offshore-Windparks und Fernverbindungen haben

nkt cables takes over ABB’s high-voltage cables business

(WK-intern) – A stronger player has entered the scene in the European energy infrastructure industry.

nkt cables will take a leading role in the growing markets providing cable solutions for a more sustainable energy supply.

Today, nkt cables and ABB Group have closed the acquisition whereby nkt cables takes over ABB’s high-voltage cables business. With the acquisition follows around 1,000 employees, state-of-the art facilities for DC high-voltage cables production and offshore cables-laying, as well as new key technology and strong project management competences for turn-key deliveries.

nkt cables President and CEO Michael Hedegaard Lyng says;
“The acquisition is a major step towards realising our 2020 vision of becoming the best cables company in the eyes of customers and employees. We get access to DC technology which will give us a leading position in the markets for tomorrow’s sustainable energy solutions. ABB HV Cables has a strong track record of cutting-edge technology and innovative products, and we are satisfied that we have agreed with the ABB Group to cooperate on future technology development after the acquisition.”
The acquisition will significantly change the profile of nkt cables towards a larger project business. Previously, the company had its major activities within low- and medium-voltage cables for buildings and utilities. The new business will have a significantly higher revenue share within offshore windfarms and long-distance interconnectors tying together the European grids.
Michael Lyng explains;
“The offshore wind and interconnectors are some of the fastest growing power cable markets. They are demanding both from a technology and project execution point-of-view, but now we will be perfectly positioned to take a leading role in this industry.”

To fully reflect the new identity of the combined business, the companies will merge under the common name NKT and an updated logo will be introduced, symbolising that a stronger and leading cable solutions company is present.
The company will have around 3,800 employees with Sweden as the biggest location with almost 1,200 employees. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and Cologne, Germany and will have 11 production sites across Europe.

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