Die marktführende Bazefield O & M Software steuert bereits 10 GW Erneuerbare Energieanlagen

Bazefield-Betriebsmanagement-Software steuert 10 GW EE-Anlagen / Pressebild

Windkraftanlagensteuerung: Bazefield achieved 10 GW renewable energy in our operations management system and opens US office Fast growing

(WK-intern) – Bazefield have reached the milestone of 10 GW of renewable energy capacity in the Bazefield operations management system.

On top of strengthening our market leading position in Europe in 2016, the Bazefield O&M software also had its breakthrough in the US market with notable new clients.

Bazefield is now in use on more than 320 renewable sites, mostly wind and solar assets, but also including hydro and biomass technologies. The deployment is across 17 countries in Europe, US and South America. Learn more about the Bazefield system…
With Bazefield’ s growth in the North American market, it became crucial to open the San Diego office to support and drive new growth says Bazefield CEO Sigurd Juvik.
Read more about US office…

 PR: Bazefield AS

Bazefield-Betriebsmanagement-Software steuert 10 GW EE-Anlagen / Pressebild

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