Das Deutsche CleanTech Institute verleiht Global Leading RES Awards

More than 300 applications for Global Leading RES (Renewable Energy Systems) Awards

(WK-intern) – Great expectations, great results – worldwide interest in Global Leading RES Awards

Providing a spotlight to outstanding RES projects has been the founding principle of the project.

Due to the tens of thousands of projects implemented every year, it is not self-evident for projects to be deserved the merited attention. In 2016 so far, over 20,000 PV projects with a total capacity of 47 GW have been installed around the globe. When it comes to energy storage, 3 GWh capacity has been mounted this year.

Bonn – November 22, 2016. Implemented to identify and highlight exceptional achievements in the areas of photovoltaic (PV) and electrical energy storage (EES), the Global Leading RES Awards have attracted numerous applications from all over the world, reaching from Australia to Germany over Tajikistan.

The project’s initiator, the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) has partnered with EuPD Research, the Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S) initiative and the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) to call for applications for the first time in autumn 2016.

Projects have been submitted in the categories First Mover, Tech Driver, Innovative Application, Unique Location and Largest Project. This year’s certified projects will be announced before end of the year.

The numerous benefits going hand in hand with the award are evident. Besides formal acknowledgement as industry pioneers, certified projects serve as a valuable tool to enhance stakeholder’s confidence. Emerging markets will be recognized, new target groups are getting accessible, local industry stakeholders can learn from best practices, investor confidences will be enhanced, business relations will be fostered.

And 2016 was just the start. The Award will be further established during the next years with the intention to keep the respective ‘Hall of Fame’ regularly updated and to enable an objective overview regarding the best projects worldwide at any time.
About DCTI
The German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) is one of the global leading institutes specialized on neutral and objective evaluation of current renewable energies products, solutions, projects and the companies behind. Through its comprehensive understanding of the Clean Tech market and its independent reputation, the DCTI is an esteemed partner of manufacturers, governments, clusters and institutions in the elucidation of the relevant target groups.

PR: DCTI – German CleanTech Institute

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