Norder Offshore-Windpark: Senvion beauftragt CWind für die Inbetriebnahme

Pressebild: CWind

CWind wird die Prüfung und Inbetriebnahmearbeiten an den 18 Senvion 6.2M126 Turbinen, die an der Mündung der Weser, etwa 40 Kilometer nordwestlich von Bremerhaven durchführen.

(WK-intern) – Stefan Marschner, Vertriebsleiter Deutschland bei CWind, freute sich über die Auftragsvergabe: “Wir sind absolut begeistert, Senvion bei ihrem Aufbau des Norder Offshore-Windparks zu unterstützen. Unser hochqualifiziertes Team von Elektroingenieure freut sich auf die Montage der Senvion 6,2 MW-Anlagen. “

Senvion Calls On CWind For HV Cable Testing And Commissioning

CWind, a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry, has today announced that it has won a contract to provide HV cable testing and commissioning for Senvion at Nordergründe. CWind will provide the testing and commissioning works at the 18 Senvion 6.2M126 turbines, which are being installed at the project within the 12-sea mile zone at the mouth of the Weser, about 40 kilometres northwest of Bremerhaven.

Stefan Marschner, Sales Manager Germany at CWind, was delighted with the contract award, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be supporting Senvion in their construction of the Nordergründe offshore wind farm. Our highly-skilled team of electrical engineers are looking forward to contributing to the efficient and safe installation of Senvion’s 6.2 MW turbines.”

Garvin Bracker, Project Manager Nordergründe – Commissioning Offshore, Senvion said, “CWind put forward a convincing proposal that incorporated all the elements we required, their HV expertise and experience in supporting complex electrical works required on construction were key factors for us in order to guarantee the reliable and timely implementation of our projects .”

PR: CWind

Pressebild: CWind

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