Gamesa mit innovativsten Anlagen und Dienstleistungen auf der WindEnergy Hamburg

Gamesa Windrad / Pressebild

Gamesa beteiligt sich an verschiedenen Fachkonferenzen und Gespräche über die neuen Herausforderungen der Windkraftindustrie

(WK-intern) – Gamesa travels to the WindEnergy Hamburg trade fair with its most innovative turbines and services

The company is participating in various expert conferences and talks that will tackle the looming challenges facing the wind power industry

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, is attending Europe’s largest wind event, the WindEnergy Hamburg trade fair, with its newest turbine models, the G132-3.3 MW and the G126-2.5 MW, and its innovative services solutions for the European market.

These new models harness the technology exhaustively proven and validated in Gamesa’s 2.0 MW and 2.5 MW platforms by leveraging the same mechanical and electrical systems. The G132-3.3 MW turbine, with 64.5-metre long blades made from fibreglass, offers the best-in-class cost of energy in its segment and is custom-designed for medium wind speed sites. The G126-2.5 MW, on the other hand, with blades stretching 62 metres, delivers maximum profitability at low wind speed sites.

The company will also showcase its portfolio of services solutions at the fair, including its Life Extension programme, a certified product consisting of a series of structural upgrades and monitoring features that allow owners to lengthen the useful lives of their turbines from 20 to 30 years of guaranteed safety and availability. It will also present its Energy Thrust programme, designed to reduce overall operating costs and boost fleet efficiency.

Gamesa will take part in various expert presentations and talks at this event which is being held in Hamburg from 27 to 30 September. The speaker line-up includes Gamesa’s Chief Sales Officer, Enrique Pedrosa, who will address the future of wind power in Europe and the looming challenges facing the sector, and Christian Jourdain, Director de Services Marketing, who will talk about repowering.

Gamesa will be manning stand 421 in the A4 pavilion.

PR: Gamesa

Gamesa Windrad / Pressebild

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