Entdecken Sie die Bazefield O & M Software auf der WindEnergy in Hamburg A1.211 in Halle A Stand!

Gurit beliefert europäische Windblatthersteller bereits seit 2010 mit qualitativ hochwertigen, kosteneffizienten Windblattformen und zugehöriger Ausrüstung. / Foto: HB

You are welcome to our exhibition stand A1.211 in Hall A at WindEnergy in Hamburg 27.-30. September for a Bazefield product demonstration or sign up for meeting us at one of our US road trips in October

(WK-intern) – Bazefield, is the most proven, flexible and scalable operations management system for wind and solar assets.

Having a marked leading position in the Nordics, UK, Ireland Belgium and Nederland’s, the company now addressing Europe’s largest renewable energy market, Germany, and the US market with own offices..

The Bazefield system is in use by clients such as Arise Wind Power, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Skelleftå Kraft, Pori Energia, Scira Offshore Energy Ltd, Puhuri, Upwind Solutions, Brookfield Renewables, WFSO, clients of Natural Power, clients of OX2, clients of Etha, Fred Olsen Renewable, Taaleritehdas, Blaiken Vind, Artic Wind, Statoil, clients of 3E and clients of Outsmart, among others serving several hundred wind farms.

The system is based on the same foundation that has shown its scalability, performance, reliability and robustness for many clients over many years in different industries. Bazefield is vendor independent, open and based on latest international standards. The system is scalable from single wind or solar assets to large multisite portfolios, and captures real-time data, monitors and control of the assets, supplies several tools for visualization, analysis, and supports work flow, and provides overview and key performance measurements of the operation. This also includes flexible workspace design functionality and handheld support, such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows Mobile.

With and extensive build in turn-key support for more turbine models from market leading vendors and PV interfaces, the cost of installation and implementation are low. The system includes rapid and cost effective configuration tools for setting up turn-key system, tailor configured to your needs.

Our promise is to support our clients in achieving profitability improvement in reduced downtime, improved availability and increased efficiency of assets, increased negotiation power toward suppliers in order to challenge OEM, better quality and reduced time spent on reporting and data management for analysis, centralized and reduced resource usage for daily operation .
Bazefield can also contribute to increased confidence for all stakeholders due to structured approach on asset management and data management, fuelled with independent benchmarks and analysis, possibility to sell or refinance existing assets at higher price due to reduction of buyer risk and the possibility to trade and increase energy value.

You are welcome to our exhibition stand A1.211 in Hall A at WindEnergy in Hamburg 27.-30.spetember for a Bazefield product demonstration.

PR: Bazefield

Windanlagen-Management-System / Foto: HB

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