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France’s first offshore wind turbine: live construction cam and new dedicated website

(WK-intern) – The Floatgen project, which will result in the installation of France’s first offshore wind turbine, has unveiled its new website (live.floatgen.eu).

This new feature takes place as the floating foundation’s construction has already began at Saint-Nazaire harbour.

In order to monitor as close as possible the progression of this remarkable project, the project teams have developed a communication tool which propose to both watch the construction in real time – thanks to the implementation of a first photo box (a second one will be set up soon) in the immediate vicinity of the site – and stay informed about the next steps to come. The website also encapsulates the goals and applications of the project.

The construction advances at a rapid pace as most of Floatgen mooring system’ materials have already be unloaded at Saint-Nazaire harbour (chains, buoys… under the responsibility of Ecole Centrale de Nantes), as well as the wind turbine. The barge on which the construction is taking place (led by Bouygues Travaux Publics) is already in position Quai des Charbonniers.

Floatgen, a project with backing from seven European partners
The project began in 2013 bringing together seven partners each with a specific role to play:
Ideol: design and provision of the entire floating system (foundation, anchoring system and electricity export cable) as well as the wind turbine; Centrale Nantes: ocean engineering expertise and access to its offshore test site; Bouygues Travaux Publics: floating foundation construction; the University of Stuttgart: participation in the study phase simulations, RSK GROUP: environmental impact analysis; ZABALA project management; and finally, FRAUNHOFER-IWES: comparative analysis of the different floating solutions.
It is supported by the European Union as part of the FP7 programme, by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency as part of the national Investments for the Future Programme, and by the Pays de la Loire region. This project is a precursor to the installation in coming years of first pilot, then commercial, offshore wind farms.

PR: Ideol


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