DONG Energy mit sehr gutem Ergebniss, zurückzuführen auf das Wachstum im Bereich Windenergie

Erfolgreicher Lärmschutz beim Bau der Fundamente für Gode Wind / Pressebild: DONG Energy

DONG Energy Halbjahresergebnisse 2016

(WK-intern) – DONG Energy hat heute die Ergebnisse für das erste Halbjahr 2016 veröffentlicht.

Der Energiekonzern konnte seine Ergebnisse deutlich verbessern.

So ist zum Beispiel der Betriebsgewinn um 19 Prozent gestiegen.

Die sehr guten Ergebnisse sind unter anderem auf das Wachstum im Bereich Windenergie zurückzuführen.

Im Juni 2016 hatte DONG Energy die finale Investitionsentscheidung für das deutsche Projekt „Borkum Riffgrund 2“ getroffen. Der Offshore-Windpark soll 2019 in Betrieb gehen.

Weitere detaillierte Informationen zu unseren Halbjahresergebnissen finden Sie in unserer englischsprachigen Pressemeldung:

DONG Energy half-year results 2016

Very satisfactory H1 2016, with 19% growth in operating profit

• Operating profit (EBITDA) for H1 2016 increased by 19% to DKK 12.4 billion.
Underlying profit, adjusted for one-off items, increased by 34%, driven by a
68% rise in Wind Power. The strong growth in Wind Power was partially offset by
the impact of lower gas, oil and power prices

• Adjusted ROCE (last 12 months) was 15% compared with 7% at the end of H1 2015

• Net profit for the period was DKK 6.4 billion, up DKK 3.6 billion on H1 2015

• In H1 2016, free cash flows amounted to DKK 5.3 billion compared with DKK
-1.8 billion in H1 2015. The improvement was driven by higher EBITDA, a lower
level of funds tied up in working capital and lower net investments

• Net debt decreased from DKK 9.2 billion at the end of 2015 to DKK 3.8 billion
at the end of June 2016.

Commenting on the interim financial report, Henrik Poulsen, CEO and President,
“We achieved very satisfactory results for H1 2016. The Group’s operating
profit increased by 19% compared to the same period last year, driven by strong
growth in Wind Power.

In June, we decided to invest in the German offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund
2, and in July we were awarded the right to build the Dutch offshore wind farms
Borssele 1 and 2.

The German and Dutch offshore wind projects are based on our strong and
differentiated business model and will contribute to the continued profitable
growth of the Group. Our winning bid for the Dutch wind farms is the result of
our systematic efforts to reduce the costs of offshore wind power – and
tangible evidence of the long-term potential of offshore wind power. With
Borssele 1 and 2, we will for the first time be below EUR 100 per MWh in LCoE.”

Significant events after the interim financial report for Q1 2016
DONG Energy has achieved significant milestones since the presentation of the
interim financial report for Q1 2016:

• On 10 May, DONG Energy signed an agreement with on the sale of
the gas distribution grid for DKK 2.3 billion, to be transferred on 30
September 2016

• On 9 June, DONG Energy was listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen

• On 24 June, DONG Energy made the investment decision to build Borkum
Riffgrund 2 (450 MW), with expected full production in H1 2019. With this
decision, DONG Energy will reach a total installed capacity from offshore wind
of 6.7 GW by 2020

• On 5 July, DONG Energy was awarded the concession to build the Dutch Borssele
1 and 2 offshore wind farms, totalling 700 MW, at a price of EUR 72.7 per MWh
(excluding costs for transmission infrastructure) for the first 15 years. These
wind farms will be built within the next four years, with a flexibility margin
of 1 year

• On 14 July DONG Energy agreed to divest its Norwegian oil and gas fields
Trym, Ula, Tambar (including Tambar East) and Oselvar to Faroe Petroleum. The
transfer is subject to approval by Norwegian authorities and is expected to be
completed before the end of 2016.

Outlook for 2016
The outlook for EBITDA and gross investments for 2016, most recently announced
in the offering circular published on 26 May 2016, is reaffirmed:

• EBITDA (Business Performance) is expected to amount to DKK 20-23 billion in

• Gross investments for 2016 are expected to amount to DKK 18-21 billion.

Conference call
In connection with the presentation of the interim financial report, a conference call for investors and analysts will be held on Thursday, 4 August
2016 at 10:00am CET:

The conference call can be followed live:

Presentation slides will be available prior to the conference call:

The interim financial report can be downloaded at:

PR: DONG Energy

Erfolgreicher Lärmschutz beim Bau der Fundamente für Gode Wind / Pressebild: DONG Energy

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