Ideol baut den ersten schwimmenden Offshore-Windpark im Mittelmeer

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Die Französisch Regierung hat das Konsortium um Ideol ausgewählt den schwimmenden Offshore-Windpark auf zu bauen.

(WK-intern)Das Konsortium wird von dem Französisch Entwickler für erneuerbarer Energie angeführt.

Die Inbetriebnahme des Windparks ist für das Jahr 2020 geplant.

Ideol’s floating technology at the core of the Mediterranean’s first offshore wind farm

The French Government announced last Friday that it has selected Eolmed, the consortium assembled around Ideol’s floating technology, for the development and construction of a 25MW Mediterranean offshore wind farm 15 km off the coastal town of Gruissan.
The consortium will be led by the French renewable energy developer Quadran and will include Ideol, the civil engineering leader Bouygues Travaux Publics and the wind turbine manufacturer Senvion.
The commissioning of the wind farm is expected by 2020, creating an estimated 300 local jobs throughout the development, construction and offshore installation phases.
Paul de la Guérivière (Ideol’s CEO) commented : « With the first offshore wind turbine in France, with two upcoming demonstrators in Japan and now with the first wind farm in the Mediterranean, Ideol keeps on confirming that its technology is destined for leadership in floating wind, creating numerous local jobs and further reducing cost in the process. We’re also pleased to confirm our ability to successfully collaborate with leading players such as Bouygues TP and Senvion in complex and high stakes technical projects. »
Ideol, based in La Ciotat (France), was created in 2010 with the aim of developing both technically AND economically viable floating foundation solutions for the offshore wind industry. Recipient of numerous innovation and entrepreneurship awards, the company benefits from the support of a large and prestigious panel of public and private investors.
Its industry-changing and patented “Damping Pool” design is compatible with all existing standard offshore wind turbines. Maximizing local content and optimizing the entire process from construction to installation, maintenance and decommissioning have been the company’s key priorities since day one.

Its particularly cost-competitive solution allows for the development of projects without any water depth or soil constraints on sites benefiting from the best available wind resources. On top of a minimal visual impact from the shore, Ideol’s solution generates an increase of power production per turbine leading to a significant drop in the overall cost of energy.
Benefiting from the experience and know-how of a fully integrated team of nearly 60 experts and engineers coming from the offshore oil & gas and renewables industries, the company is currently working on several demonstrator and pre-commercial projects across the globe. In 2016, demonstrators equipped with Ideol’s technology will be built on two continents – Europe and Asia (Japan), positioning Ideol as a leader in this booming market.

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Pressebild: © Ideol

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