Solarmodulmessung mit SunSniffer ist äußerst präzise und kann jederzeit nachgerüstet werden

Das String-Monitoring mit SunSniffer ist nicht mit herkömmlicher Modul-Überwachung verglichbar.

(WK-intern) – String Monitoring 2.0 with SunSniffer is not to be compared with conventional monitoring.

Not only is it exceptionally precise but individual module measurement can also be easily retrofitted at any time, enabling any plant to be monitored by our string readers, either from the outset or retrospectively as required: from the simple string to the individual module, temporarily or permanently.

These are the most important benefits of string monitoring with SunSniffer:

  • measurement accuracy 0.6%
  • later field calibration possible with field calibration hardware
  • measurement interval can be reduced to 30 seconds on demand
  • precise performance ratio determination after just a short time
  • individual module monitoring retrofittable at any time on demand

Our string readers measure current and voltage to an accuracy of under one percent: 0.6%. The fact that our string readers can be recalibrated in the field at any later date ensures a long-lasting reliability. If a denser collection of data is required, the measurement interval can be reduced to 30 seconds.

String monitoring can be augmented by our retrofits: sensors attached to each module. Our patented Powerline technology enables the transfer of module data without any additional wiring. As well as the current, the retrofits also measure temperature. In order, for example, to be able to precisely determine the performance ratio, especially of larger plants, within the shortest time and without temperature differences affecting the result, one retrofit per string could be installed. This module‘s temperature, together with the original, individual flasher data, is entered into our simulation engine‘s calculations as a reference temperature for the module of this string. By deducting the temperature differences, SunSniffer provides us with a uniquely accurate representation of a plant‘s true performance.

In the case of suspected PID, the retrofits can also be flexibly deployed: by way of example, a string is retrofitted with sensors – as soon as sufficient data is available the sensors can be installed on the next string and so on. This facilitates a systematic and reliable search with minimum effort.

PR: SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG

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