Installationsschiffe BLUE AMBER für tiefe Gewässer und Windturbinen über 10 MW Leistung

Wind Farm Service Vessel BLUE ACHAT

Zukünftige Offshore-Windparks für Anlagen in tieferen Gewässern und ausgerüstet mit Windturbinen über 10 MW Leistung erfordern nicht nur neue Installationsschiffe wie den BLUE AMBER.

(WK-intern) – The offshore wind farms under development for further offshore installations in deeper waters and equipped with wind turbine sizes above 10MW power requires not only new installation vessels like our BLUE AMBER type.

But also absolutely necessary to think ahead and have the strategy and technical basis for the logistic of the O(perating) & M(aintenance) – phase in place.

The great benefit of such kind of wind farm won’t be activated when the O&M – phase is not organised and planned in advance.

Topics to be take care off are spare parts availability, crane availability, technician transfer logistic as well the efficiency of the service vessels itself. Such will be the main point for the costs.

All traditional ways of doing thinks needs to be scrutinised and wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers, vessel operators and the supply chain for turbine O&M are invited to be open for changing traditionally ways.

Neptun Ship Design notify the offshore wind community about our new Wind Farm Service Vessel “BLUE ACHAT”.

The vessel has been developed in closed cooperation with highly experienced main equipment suppliers and is focused in design, integrated equipment solutions, scope of job integration and vessel life time strategy to comply with the overall requirement for lowering the LCoE.

PR: Neptun Ship Design GmbH

The tendency for wind parks further offshore will require innovative solutions to have the technical crew close by. Such does not mean that only crew for the turbine O(peration) & M(aintenance) are involved whether also grid-, helicopter- and other crews. Also the just in time availability of spare parts as well as the needed crane capacity are keys for the O&M efficiency. Taking in mind that vessel investment and all involved risks to be carefully handled, then such requirements should be considered by a new vessel type. The “Blue Achat” is designed to stay in the wind farm as comfort class hotel, as crane vessel, as spare part store, as helicopter home airport and as rescue vessel. In parked position the vessel is electrically connected to the OHVS, means the vessel power generation plant is switched off. Positive effects are the lower operation costs of the vessel and the environmental footprint of such. The possibility of using electricity from the park for the vessel power consumption as well as including the vessel helicopter deck with a refuelling station will create new challenges for the O&M contracts. Taking above in mind and focus the park layout development on given possibilities, then the focus on greater turbines further offshore in deeper waters could be realised.

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