PowerCell und Hydrogen SA kooperieren auf dem Brennstoffzellenmarkt

PowerCellDas schwedische Brennstoffzellen-Unternehmen PowerCell Sweden AB kooperiert mit Swiss Hydrogen SA.

(WK-intern) – Ziel ist es neue Wasserstoff-Brennstoffzellensysteme für mobile und stationäre Anwendungen zu entwickeln.

Swedish fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB cooperates with Swiss Hydrogen SA to market best in class fuel cell systems

Gothenburg, Sweden – The Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swiss Hydrogen SA, a Switzerland based company that develops hydrogen fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications. The two companies will cooperate to market and sell high performance fuel cell systems based on PowerCell’s stacks.

The Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB will start a cooperation with Swiss Hydrogen SA, a Swiss leading company that conceives, designs, assembles and integrates tailor-made and scalable hydrogen solutions for a large variety of applications.

PowerCell Sweden AB has developed fuel cell technology for more than a decade, and has perfected a unique design that enables the production of a light, versatile and reliable source of power for the automotive, transportation and stationary applications. The fuel stacks PowerCell S1, S2 and S3 cover the range of 1-100 KW.

Swiss Hydrogen SA’s large experience in designing, assembling and integrating fuel cell systems in various applications will ensure the highest performance of PowerCell’s stack technology. Both companies will also join forces on sales and marketing activities worldwide. PowerCell and Swiss Hydrogen have already successfully collaborated in the FCH-JU project “AutoStack-CORE” regarding S3 (http://autostack.zsw-bw.de).

Fuel cells are expected to play a very important role in the transition towards renewable fuels, where they have great potential to replace diesel generators and engines in several applications. Hydrogen’s energy density and lack of toxic emissions makes its use obvious when it comes to deal with the challenge of long term and seasonal energy storage generated by the intermittence of renewables. 

“We really appreciate the trustful and efficient collaboration with PowerCell Sweden AB. It is very exciting to integrate the result of the AutoStack-CORE project, a fuel cell stack which demonstrates unmatched power densities, in a complete system. At Swiss Hydrogen we have optimized every aspects and selected best components to ensure the highest performance of the final product. We are convinced that combining PowerCell’s stack technology with our knowledge in designing best in class fuel cell system has great market potential”, said Alexandre Closset, CEO of Swiss Hydrogen SA.

“We are really looking forward to working closely together with Swiss Hydrogen SA to market and sell our fuel cell stacks as a part of their clean energy solutions. This is yet another proof that there is a huge demand for our solutions in several different applications and industries”, said Per Wassén, CEO, PowerCell Sweden AB.

PR: PowerCell Sweden AB

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