Gamesa steigert die Leistung seiner Windturbinen

Gamesa sells a 25.5 MW wind farm in Greece The wind farm -adquired by Eren- comprises 30 G52-850 kW wind turbines.
Gamesa wind farm in Greece / Photo: Gamesa

Software-Upgrade nennt Gamesa das Turbinenleistungs-Steigerungsprogramm, Energie Thrust

(WK-intern) – Gamesa to install its turbine output-boosting programme, Energy Thrust, at 54 Iberdrola wind farms (1,602 MW)

The company developed Energy Thrust to increase production across its 660-kW, 850-kW and 2.0-MW platforms by up to 5%.

This upgrade will be installed at 54 Iberdrola wind farms in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has reached an agreement with Iberdrola for the installation of its Energy Thrust software, which boosts turbine efficiency and, in turn, production ratios, at wind farms with capacity of 1,602 MW.

Under the terms of the agreement, the upgrade software will be installed in wind turbines made by Gamesa with aggregate capacity of 1,602 MW fitted in 54 Iberdrola wind farms located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

“This contract reinforces our work as technology experts and value-added O&M specialists. Gamesa works together with its customers to develop solutions to make their fleets more efficient with the ultimate aim of increasing turbine production and boosting wind farm profitability”, said Xabier Urcelay, Director of Services at Gamesa.

Gamesa developed Energy Thrust to make its 660-kW, 850-kW and 2.0-MW platforms more efficient. Thanks to this system, endorsed by the independent assurance provider DNV-GL and already installed in 1,967 turbines (3,445 MW) in operation in 14 countries, turbine output is increased by up to 5% on average. Energy Thrust enables adaptation of wind turbines to specific site conditions, boosting the volume of power delivered to the grid in all wind conditions, improving the efficiency and performance of Gamesa’s entire fleet in the process.

Gamesa’s end-to-end proposition in the wind power industry is rounded out by its operations and maintenance (O&M) services area which maintains almost 14,000 MW for more than 400 customers in 36 countries.

PR: Gamesa

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