Britischer Offshore Windpark Burbo Bank wird mit 32 MHI Vestas 8 MW-Windenergieanlagen erweitert

V164-8.0 MW offshore turbines / Pressebild: Vestas
V164-8.0 MW offshore turbines / Pressebild: Vestas
V164-8.0 MW offshore turbines / Pressebild: Vestas

Die Burbo Bank Offshore-Windpark-Erweiterung befindet sich 8 km vor der Küste von Liverpool, Großbritannien.

(WK-intern) – Mit insgesamt 32 MHI Vestas 8 MW-Windenergieanlagen wird der Offshore-Windpark eine zusätzliche Leistung von 258 MW haben.

UK based FoundOcean prepare to mobilise to the Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Marlow – The Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm is located 8 km off the coast in Liverpool Bay, United Kingdom. With a total of 32 MHI Vestas wind turbines of 8 MW each, the offshore wind farm will have a total capacity of 258 MW.

The Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm is an extension to the existing and operational Burbo Bank offshore wind farm and is located west of the Operational Wind Farm in Liverpool Bay.

Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects have been contracted to transport and install the project’s 32 monopiles and transition piece foundations, supply and install the scour protection and provide the logistics between the fabrication ports in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the offshore wind farm.

FoundOcean in-turn have been chosen by Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects to make the connection between the monopile and transition piece using MasterFlow 9500 from BASF. Having successfully completed operations on the Gemini project for Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects, with their new bulk supplied solution, the duo are about to go offshore once again, but this time with the established and trusted ultra-high strength material MasterFlow 9500.

Chris Brooks, the Group CEO of FoundOcean Group said “This is FoundOcean’s first subcontract with Van Oord, using an ultra-high strength material, and so we’re keen to demonstrate both the speed and efficiency of our operations as well as the material’s performance”. Brooks who recently joined the FoundOcean Group board added, “The material’s consistent and reliable strength development, along with its proven durability and volume stability, has most certainly played a significant part in its rapid acceptance and uptake within the offshore wind industry”.

Luc Westhof, Key Account Manager for Wind Power at the Construction Chemicals division of BASF reaffirmed the pair’s commitment to their continued investment in the development of new solutions, but also their focus on the continued improvement of their established ones. “It’s only by meticulously re-evaluating our last performance that we are able to improve on our client’s expectations during both the construction phase and the operational lifetime of the wind farm.”

FoundOcean expects to carry out operations over the coming summer period.

About FoundOcean
FoundOcean boasts 50 years’ experience of providing green and brown field services for the offshore energy construction industry. It specialises in securing the foundations of oil and gas platforms and offshore wind turbines, as well as life extension solutions and rehabilitation services for offshore assets around the world.

FoundOcean is a progressive company that builds strategic alliances to promote innovation that sets the standard for service delivery and product offering. Its experience, professionalism and energy is complimented by an absolute commitment to quality and safety.

FoundOcean is a FoundOcean Group company, a UK-headquartered Group with offices and specialist grouting and piling equipment located for rapid deployment in Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

PR: FoundOcean

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