MHI-Vestas stattet Offshore-Windpark in Belgien mit V164-8.0 MW-Windanlage aus

Vestas V164-8.0 / Pressebild
Vestas V164-8.0 / Pressebild
Vestas V164-8.0 / Pressebild

Information in the market regarding MHI Offshore Wind and an offshore project in Belgium

(WK-intern)Today, there is info rmation in the market regarding MHI Vestas Offshore Wind having been appointed preferred supplier for an offshore project in Belgium.

Vestas  can  confirm  that Norther  NV (a  joint  venture  between Eneco  (50 percent)  and  Elicio  NV (50 percent)) has appointed MHI Vestas Offshore Wind preferred supplier for delivery of the V164-8.0 MW turbine for the 370 MW Norther project in Belgium.

If and when the project translates into a firm and unconditional order, Vestas will disclose a company announcement about this.
Vestas discloses this announcement based on Vestas’ obligation as a Danish listed company, ref. the Securities Trading Act, section 27(2).

PR: Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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