Suzlon erziehlt mit Evolutions S97-HT DFIG 2.1MW Windkraftanlage 35 % Auslastung

suzlonSuzlonDer Indische Windturbinenhersteller Suzlon erziehlt mit Evolutions S97-HT DFIG 2.1MW Windkraftanlage 35 % Auslastung

(WK-intern) – Suzlon’s prototype wind turbine achieves 35 percent plant load factor

Pune, India – Indian wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon announced that its evolutionary S97-HT DFIG 2.1MW Wind Turbine with an All-Steel Hybrid Tower has achieved 35 percent load factor over the last 12 months i.e. since the launch in November 2014.

The prototype was commissioned on June 9th, 2014 at Nani Ber District of Kutch, Gujarat. The evolutionary product has received encouraging response from customers across segments and reflects in the ~350 MW of orders received.

The S97-HT DFIG is the Worlds’ tallest All-Steel Hybrid tower (120 metre height) design which combines both lattice and tubular structures, designed indigenously to harness the enhanced availability of wind resources at higher altitudes making low wind sites viable. It increases energy output by ~ 12% to 15 % over other turbines of same capacity at 90m height. The combination of lattice and tubular gives enhanced tower strength at lower cost. The three-dimensional lattice structure can support heavier weights due to the broad base and reduces the steel requirement apart from being logistic friendly.

Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon Group, said, “The S97-HT DFIG 2.1MW with All-Steel Hybrid Tower is a game changer and is the result of our continued focus on investing in next generation technologies. Suzlon endeavors to lower the cost of energy and provide clean and affordable energy for all.
By offering a product that can optimize and harness wind resources at higher altitudes, Suzlon has proved that even low-wind sites can be made attractive. Consistently achieving and maintaining 35% PLF will help in reducing the levelized cost of energy. This achievement makes me proud and I am happy to see how soon our S97 all steel hybrid tower prototype belonging to our reliable and proven 2.1 MW product has successfully established itself in the market.”

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