Zukunft des Klimawandels bei COP21: Dokumentarfilm -Solar Grenzen- als globaler Führer

Video Solar Frontiers / The Economist
Video Solar Frontiers / The Economist
Video Solar Frontiers /
The Economist

s releases its latest documentary film “Solar frontiers” as global leaders meet to discuss the future of climate change at COP21

(WK-intern) – As global leaders assemble in Paris this month to discuss the future of climate change at COP21, today The Economist has released a film about the people and projects pushing the frontiers of solar power around the world.

‘Solar Frontiers’ is the third episode in the “Global Compass” series of mini-documentaries, examining new approaches to thorny social and policy problems.

The film starts in Haiti. Ravaged by an earthquake in 2010, it has since become a proving ground for new approaches to “off grid” electricity, including g,g. Globally, around 25% of people lack access to the electrical grid; in Haiti, it’s 75%.

But the off-grid solar power has its enthusiasts in the developed world, too. The film visits a steel works in Alabama that generates 100% of its own power, using vast solar arrays.

Meanwhile, researchers are looking for new ways to make solar panels more efficient. One of the most promising approaches involves a new class of materials called perovskites.

“Solar Frontiers” can be viewed here:

Solar Frontiers
Meet the men and women bringing solar power to the people – and fighting to transform our global energy supply.

Economist Films expresses The Economist’s globally curious outlook in the form of short, mind-stretching documentaries.

PR: The Economist

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