Transformatoren können bis zu 30 Prozent günstiger hergestellt werden

InventionShare ™ gab heute bekannt, dass der PowerWindings™ transformer design ein bedeutender Durchbruch in der Fertigung von Transformatoren gelungen ist.

(WK-intern) – Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced today that the PowerWindings™ transformer design is a significant breakthrough in transformer manufacturing, and manufacturers can now reduce the cost of a transformer by up to 30 percent using existing tooling and manufacturing processes.

PowerWindings designs were developed by two senior inventors with over 30 years of experience in designing transformers.

Bench test results showed a 38.97% increase in output with the same materials, or a 35% reduction in materials for the same output – and the UCLA department of Engineering used the Maxwell simulation software to verify the results.  Their tests show that efficiency vs input voltage is increased by 5.74% and the output power to input voltage average is 63.97% more with this invention.

Further, UCLA Professor Ethan Wang has written a paper explaining why the PowerWindings transformer designs are superior to current designs and that design benefits should apply to all E type transformers.  This invention breakthrough can be easily implemented into the existing manufacturing process with literally no disruption to the production process.

“For a transformer manufacturer this invention fits like a glove. It is a big break through as there is very minimal training required to refine the manufacturing process. Having a phenomenal price advantage of up to 30% less with the same or increased power is going to give some manufacturers a huge competitive advantage, increased market share, and higher margins, profit and share price,” said Mr. Waite.

InventionShare is now talking with companies interested in licensing this invention for various vertical, horizontal and geographical markets.  The invention, patent application and test results are available for further review by interested parties.
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