Meeresenergieunternehmen Minesto verkauft Aktien im Wert von 145 Mio. Schweden Kronen

The Deep Green ‘underwater kite’ marine power plant / c Minesto
The Deep Green ‘underwater kite’ marine power plant / c Minesto

Minesto attracts additional 145 MSEK and gets 2,500 new shareholders

(WK-intern) – World leading marine energy company Minesto, raises another 145 MSEK and gets circa 2,500 new shareholders as a new share issue has been completed to the public in Sweden, and to professional investors.

Gothenburg, Sweden – First day of trading with the company’s shares on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm, is set to 9th of November 2015.

In the offer, aimed at the Swedish public, a total of 18,916,964 units is offered (105,934 998.40 billion), including settlements, which is an oversubscription of more than 10.7 MSEK. No allocation has therefore been made to the guarantee consortium.

The offer addressed to professional investors had a subscription of 6,987,107 units, representing SEK 39,127 799,20.

”In total Minesto is provided with 145.1 MSEK. This confirms that there has been a great interest to sign up for shares in Minesto, as well as from the public and from the larger professional investors”, said Anders Jansson, CEO of Minesto. ”Since we also have secured earlier investments from KIC InnoEnergy and WEFO (Wales European Funding Office), this means that Minesto now have access to capital to about 300 MSEK”.

The company has thus ensured a fully funded business plan made to fully commercialize the Deep Green technology.

The issues means that Minestos share capital increases from SEK 1,785 292 to 3,080 695,55 and the number of shares increased from 35,705,840 to 61,609 611. This corresponds to a dilution of 42,1 percent.

Units must be paid for by October 30th, 2015. After that the shares will be delivered promptly to each account. The warrants will be delivered when they have been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office, which is expected to occur on or about November 11th.

The conditions of the warrants stipulates that two warrants entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in Minesto in February 2015 at a price of SEK 6.30. If all the warrants will be subscribed, Minesto will raise an additional SEK 81.6 million in issue, which corresponds to a dilution of about 17.4 percent.

Minesto has appointed G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser for the listing on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm. Planned initial listing date is on the 9th of November.

G&W Fondkommission have also acted as financial advisors to Minesto in connection with the listing and share issues.

About Minesto AB (publ)

Minesto develops and markets a unique patented power plant Deep Green to extract energy from slow ocean and tidal currents. Minesto provides technology through the development of tidal power plants, product sales as well as through geographic licenses. Minesto has received around 160 MSEK of development assistance from various international and supranational organisations. Minesto has started the construction of the world’s first tidal power plant 10MW, in Holyhead Deep, off the Welsh coast. Holyhead park will supply approximately 8,000 households with electricity and is to be operational by 2019. Minestos largest shareholder is the BGA Invest, Midroc New Technology, Verdane Capital VI and Saab Ventures. Minesto was invented as an spin off idea at Saab by the engineer Magnus Landberg in 2004, when he realized that it was possible to extract electricity by ”flying a dragon” under water. By increasing water flow through the turbine up to 10 times, costs to generate electricity can be kept low and commercially attractive.

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