Drei neue Pipelines sollen Gas aus Aserbaidschan nach Türkei und Südeuropa liefern

Die US Energy Information Administration informiert

(WK-intern) – The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s ( www.eia.gov ) new “Today in Energy” brief looks at three new pipelines that would transport natural gas from Azerbaijan to markets in southern Europe.

”Construction or preliminary work has begun on three new pipelines designed to flow new supplies of natural gas from Azerbaijan to consumers in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy. For more than a decade, companies have been announcing proposals to build new natural gas pipelines to connect natural gas resources in Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East with consumers in southern Europe. In contrast to the three new pipelines considered in this article, most projects have failed to advance.”— EIA

The “Today in Energy” brief was posted Wednesday on EIA’s website at: www.eia.gov

PR: U.S. Energy Information Administration and IHS EDIN

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