Danish crane company will reform the European market for: the highest lifts


On a January day with an icy breeze coming in from the North Sea BMS parked all its truck-mounted man lifts on the beach at Hirtshals, Denmark – and lifted the manned telescope-based working platforms to their maximum heights.

Danish BMS launches Europe’s largest and most advanced fleet of truck-mounted man lifts, delivering safe and well-equipped working platforms in heights up to over 30 floors – as well as 24-hour emergency service anywhere in Europe

(WK-intern) – It can be quite difficult to obtain sufficiently qualified lift capacity when in need – be it emergency or planned – of elevating workmen safely into extreme heights.

Based on its vastly expanded fleet of modern truck-mounted man lifts the growing Danish crane company BMS now launches ”E24”, Europe’s first 24-hour service in a new ground-breaking total solution concept: Within 24 hours after contact BMS guarantee to have one of the company’s specially trained supervisors at work with the customer to assess the need and plan the often widespread task – no matter where in Europe the call is coming from.

The ”E24” concept is aimed at the demanding lifting tasks of specialised workmen with difficult jobs in very high altitudes, for instance while drilling, welding, painting, bricklaying or working with power. It can for example be bridges, mountain safety restraints, power plants, wind turbines or enormous platforms in the offshore industry. There are jobs everywhere in Europe, but only a few companies have the best and safest equipment and the specially trained, experienced operators capable of getting the workmen safely up and down again. In other words: A market for secure lifting assignments that BMS wants to reform and eventually come to dominate with its extremely professional concept with safety and comfort in the centre, regardless of where in Europe the job is located.

400 vehicles in six countries

BMS – already operating in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, and United Kingdom with almost 400 vehicles – has just launched a short introduction film aimed at existing and potential customers throughout Europe.

The film tells about the fleet of advanced giant truck-mounted man lifts, the cornerstone of the new international BMS service. But it also focuses on the specially trained people operating them and of course on the spectacular spread of the tasks completed.

“We pay extreme attention to safety. No matter the working height our large platforms offer a safe workplace in a fixed and solid about four meters wide basket lifting the workmen and our operator. That is clearly better and less stressful than traditional baskets, usually tacked on swinging wires from where the workmen operate almost risking their lives. It rarely gives the best results”, says BMS Lift Division Director, Ib Steffensen.

He emphasizes the BMS’ total solution has demanded much planning and training as well as major investments. Among other things BMS now also offers the customer to provide permits from relevant authorities necessary for the specific job. Traffic and transmission lines are among the major challenges in that respect.

As part of its international expansion and strategy BMS by 1 May 2015 employs a truly international capacity in the industry, 47-year-old Stephan Kulawik, as Sales Director in Germany and England. He comes from a position as Managing Director at Palfinger Platforms GmbH in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

The strongest focus on safety

As the only company in Europe BMS has four 60-ton highly manoeuvrable vehicles from Wumag – known as the world’s largest truck-mounted man lift with a working height up to 103 meters. With BMS’ own steel plate service all tasks in the heights are within reach.

“Size and volume does actually matter in this industry, not only because of the heights that can be reached, but also because of the better and more well thought out working conditions up there. For example, we have floor heating and power sockets on the platforms – and they have a capacity of up to five men or 600 kg at one time. All together that provides for a difference in comfort, helping the professionals to concentrate on their task in the best possible way”, says Mr. Steffensen.

The Lift Division Director points out that BMS’ wide and varied range of truck-mounted man lifts provide for the ideal solution when working in extreme heights. In the film you will see the fleet operate under a Danish January storm:

“Obviously, that is very authentic footage as a company like ours constantly have to take such weather conditions into account”, says Mr. Steffensen.

Another example of the variation of the tasks: Presently the BMS truck-mounted man lifts lift specialists up in 3,800 telecommunication towers in Denmark in order to change mobile transmitting equipment for the Danish mobile telecommunications companies. The customers are telecom operators from countries as diverse as China, Czech Republic and Portugal.

All truck-mounted man lifts are equipped with GPS tracking-units, allowing BMS to follow the vehicles – and among other things update their software – regardless of where in Europe they are working.

The total business of the BMS Group has experienced solid growth in recent years and currently it employs over 650 people and has close to 400 vehicles of all sizes. In 2014 the BMS Group had a turnover of approximately M150 EUR.


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