smart blade technologies: Rotorblätter, die sich automatisch der tatsächlichen Windströmung anpassen

Unerkannte Schäden in Rotorblättern von Windenergieanlagen / Foto: HB
Learn More About Smart Blade Technologies / Foto: HB
Learn More About Smart Blade Technologies / Foto: HB

Learn More About Smart Blade Technologies

(WK-intern) – Interested in the recent findings about smart blade technologies?

In order to continuously enhance the wind industry’s competitiveness, energy generation costs have to be cut by establishing innovative concepts such as smart blades methods.

These allow rotor blades to adjust themselves automatically according to the conditions of the actual wind flow situation.

Recent discoveries show that passive smart blades as well as active smart blades, two main concepts, are promising models.
To learn more about these technological challenges register now at and take part in the various sessions related to smart blades at DEWEK 2015 -the most important technical/scientific wind energy conference worldwide held in Bremen, Germany from May 19th to 20th, 2015.

Extract of presentations that are dealing with rotor blades:

Session 01:Design and Wind Tunnel Testing of a Leading Edge Slat for a Wind Turbine Airfoil
Session 12: Parameterized Analysis of Swept Blades Regarding Bend-Twist Coupling
Session 14: Development and Validation of Comprehensive Structural Rotor Blade Design and Simulation Tool (PMV) with Flexible Pre and Post Processing Interfaces
Session 14: Parametric Model Generation and Automated Sizing Process for the Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades
Session 21: Investigating the Aerodynamic Implications of Slender Wind Turbine Blade Design Please click here for the full online programme or download it.


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