Minesto, Unternehmen für Meeresenergietechnologie, begrüßt die EU-Energie-Union mit Ausrichtung auf den Klimawandel

Photo: Minesto
Photo: Minesto

Nordic marine energy technology leader Minesto welcomes European Commission´s strategy to reboot the Meeresenergietechnologie,

(WK-intern) – Nordic marine energy technology company Minesto welcomes EU´s new strategy for a resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy.

“An important and necessary step to speed up the process to reach a sustainable future”, said Minesto’s CEO, Anders Jansson.

The European Commission has published its strategy to reboot the EU’s energy policy. The report identifies ocean energy as one of the main renewable technologies that can play a key role to accelerate the transformation of Europe’s energy systems to reach a more sustainable future.

The strategy is welcomed by Minesto´s CEO Anders Jansson: “This is an important and necessary step to accelerate the process to reach a sustainable future”, said Minesto’s CEO, Anders Jansson. “Therefore I certainly hope that the European Commission will continue its efforts to support ocean energy and pave the way for this fossil free and sustainable energy form and help to establish it as an industrial base within the EU”.

The strategy paper also states that EU has a commitment to be a hub and a world leader in renewable energy by enhancing research, demonstration and innovation (RD&I) programmes and benefit from the EU’s first mover advantage in renewables.

“Clearly Europe has a competitive edge in renewables. But in order to maintain it, it is crucial that the European Commission supports a low-carbon and climate-friendly economy that is built to last. Otherwise we are running the risk of loosing great opportunities for a cleaner world, jobs and growth”, said Anders Jansson.

Minesto’s award winning and patented product Deep Green have now been producing electricity for more than a year in the waters off Northern Ireland, which is seen as a break-through for the entire renewable energy industry.

“It is our firm belief that Minesto’s marine energy power plant Deep Green in a not too distant future will be able to produce renewable electricity with high reliability at a cost that will compete, or even be lower, than conventional energy sources.”

PM: Minesto

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