OMM schließt umfassendes Projekt-Support-Package für Offshore-Windpark Butendiek ab

OMM-Butendiek / Pressebild
OMM-Butendiek / Pressebild
OMM-Butendiek / Pressebild

Der Offshore-Windpark Butendiek liegt 32 km westlich vor der Insel Sylt an der deutsch-dänischen Grenze und umfasst 80 Windenergieanlagen mit einer Gesamtleistung von 288 MW

(WK-intern) – Die Arbeiten umfassten den Anschluss an die Sylwin Alpha Konverter-Plattform

OMM completes multi-tiered support package for Butendiek

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has completed a comprehensive Project Support Package for the Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm.

The wind farm, situated 32km west of the island of Sylt on the German/Danish border, comprises 80 wind turbines with a total capacity of 288 MW – enough to power 360,000 households.

The work involved connecting the Butendiek offshore wind farm to the Sylwin Alpha Convertor platform and saw OMM working for multiple key players within the industry to ensure separate phases of the project were completed efficiently.

The phases, which formed part of OMM’s project support package, included multiple Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs and Route Clearances throughout 2014, which were completed within the planned timescales.

Other phases saw comprehensive pull-in operations, crew transfers by CTV as well as accommodation provision for both Offshore Marine Management staff and client personnel. Five guard vessels were also supplied by OMM during cable installation work.

Paul Hampton, Operations Manager at OMM, said: “Our flexibility enables us to deliver multiple services to multiple clients simultaneously, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and health and safety.”

“Our philosophy for the completion of the separate phases of the Butendiek project was the continuity of the experienced onshore and offshore personnel, as well as a commonality in the equipment provided and the utilisation of project specific procedures and processes.  This philosophy is built around a core methodology developed and proven over years of successful operation in this sector and has ensured a high quality and, most importantly, safe service is offered to all our offshore partners.”

OMM played an integral part in ensuring that Sylwin Alpha was brought closer to capacity. The final Butendiek project was completed successfully on 30th January 2015.



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