Seaway Heavy Lifting erhält Auftrag zum Bau der Offshoreplattform des Sandbank Offshore-Windparks

Seaway Heavy Lifting has been awarded the transportation and installation contract for the Sandbank substation

(WK-intern) – Bladt Industries A/S, Aalborg, Denmark has awarded Seaway Heavy Lifting the contract for the transportation and installation of the Sandbank substation.

The substation platform consists of a jacket, skirt piles and deck and requires to be installed in the Sandbank Offshore Wind Farm. At the substation, electricity from the individual wind turbines will be collected and converted to a higher voltage.
The Sandbank project area is located approximately 100 km North West of the island Sylt, right next to DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm.
The substation is anticipated to be installed by the Stanislav Yudin in 2016.
Koen van der Perk, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s SVP Commercial, says; “We are very pleased with the confidence that Bladt Industries A/S has expressed in Seaway Heavy Lifting. We have a very good track record in the installation of substations for the Renewables industry. This project pulls another mark in the sand”.

PM: Seaway Heavy Lifting

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