Ein neues Konzept in der Windenergieerzeugung

SheerWind Commercial Grade INVELOX-12-002 Model_02 / youtube
SheerWind Commercial Grade INVELOX-12-002 Model_02 / youtube

Die us-amerikanische Firma SheerWind kündigt einen Feldversuche von mehreren Turbinen die in einer Reihe verwendet an.

Das INVELOXTM-System, ist ein neues Konzept in der Windenergiegewinnung.

(WK-intern) – Ein großer Trichter, fängt konzentriert und beschleunigt den aufgefangenen Wind vor der Zustellung an die Turbinen.

Durch die Platzierung der zweiten Turbine in einer Reihe, steigert sich die Leistung um das 1,7-fache im Vergleich zu Einzelturbine.

Mit anderen Worten, eine 1.000 Kilowatt Turbinen-Generator-System in einem INVELOX erzeugt elektrische Energie für die 341 Häuser.

2 Turbinen in Folge zu produzieren elektrische Energie für 579 Häuser.

SheerWind Announces World’s First Multi-Turbine Wind Tower

Adding a second turbine to a single INVELOX wind funnel, power output increases by 1.7x and provides near zero downtime.

Minneapolis, MN  – SheerWind announces field tests of multiple turbines used in a row or series has even greater electrical power output. The INVELOXTM system, a new concept in wind power generation, is a large funnel that captures, concentrates, and accelerates wind before delivering it to turbines safely and efficiently located at ground level. By placing 2 turbines in a series in an INVELOX system, power showed an increase of 1.7X when compared to single turbine. In other words, one 1,000 kilowatt turbine-generator system in an INVELOX produces electrical energy for 341 houses, 2 turbines operating in succession produce electrical energy for 579 houses in USA.

Multiple turbines in a single INVELOX tower means nearly zero operational downtime because maintenance can be done on one turbine while the other continues energy production. With INVELOX, turbines are installed safely and conveniently at ground level, making maintenance less costly, safer, and more efficient. See video.

Benefits of twin turbines in succession

  • Increase power output by 1.7X at minimum added cost
  • Reduced capital expenditure per kilowatt
  • Increased production capacity
  • Gain in output without increasing footprint
  • Offers upgradability to meet increase in customers’ power demands

“Because the INVELOX system directs and controls wind, we are able for the first time in history, to place multiple turbines together to produce more energy. This means a single INVELOX tower is able to increase its output— reducing cost per kilowatt— all without additional structure or land use,” states Cyndi Lesher, President of SheerWind “Increasing the ability to operate in areas never before feasible or economical with even less environmental impact.”

About SheerWind

SheerWind’s technology is changing the course of power generation. Patented INVELOX electricity generation successfully funnels wind to accelerate it allowing wind to be harvested at its optimum state of energy. Producing more power with commercially available turbines and smaller blades—located safely at ground level. Operating at wind speeds as low as 2 miles per hour, SheerWind’s INVELOX requires no subsidies, is price competitive with, and has less environmental impact than traditional generation technologies. The US electric power generation market is $250 billion and globally exceeds $1 trillion. INVELOX offers a global renewable energy solution that integrates with the power grid for small and commercial operations.

PR: SheerWind’s technology

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