OutSmart at OMWINDENERGY Düsseldorf

Pressebild: Out Smart
Pressebild: Out Smart

The onshore and offshore wind industry is a booming industry, worldwide.

Many experienced companies focus on Operations & Maintenance issues these days and there are great growth opportunities around the world.

(WK-intern) – Offering excellent service and staying innovative is the key to success in the wind business. But how do you organize your operations in a way that yóu are in control? Wind energy consultancy OutSmart has the answer.

During the OMWINDENERGY conference on the 10th of October in Düsseldorf (Germany), OutSmart will elaborate on the complexity of understanding your operations and share interesting tools and models which help create the most added value for a wind project.

The conference (9.00 am – 17.30 pm) will cover topics related to operations, logistics, maintenance, service teams, HSE and IT & communication technology.

More information about venue, programme and registrations can be found on www.omwindenergy.com

About OutSmart
OutSmart, member of TÜV Nord Group, provides wind-specific project management support, consultancy and operational services throughout the full lifecycle of onshore and offshore wind projects. The company combines experience with, and knowledge of, development, engineering, contracting, construction, handover and operations – all in one organization

The mission of OutSmart is to provide expertise and experience as early as possible in a project with the goals of lowering the cost of energy and managing the risks. OutSmart is the independent European partner during development, construction and operations of wind projects.

OutSmart was launched in 2006 with a focus on wind energy and now employs more than fifty international staff, spread over branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. OutSmart provides independent technical operations services for some 550 MW in total.

PR: OutSmart

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