OutSmart leads students towards higher level

OutSmart leads students towards higher level
OutSmart leads students towards higher level

It is the fourth year in a row that OutSmart organizes the Minor ‘Wind Energy Project Management’ together with the HAN University of Applied Science in Arnhem (NL), which started this month.

(WK-intern) – In the coming months, the new professionals in wind will learn about how they can design, organize and construct an offshore wind farm within the predetermined budget and time.

Wind energy is one of the highest ranking sources of renewable energy.

Harvesting wind energy at sea from offshore wind farms is an exciting and sustainable aspect of the industry. There is always a demand for technical and economic wind professionals. The Minor ‘Wind Energy Project Management’ explains several aspects of the industry, prepares students to become a consultant in the professional domain of wind energy and enables them to develop their professional competences in a broader context. Substantive lectures combined with practical excursions to onshore and offshore wind farms and manufacturers, make this Minor unique in its kind.

One of the first planned excursions in the programme is an official climbing course, which took place last Thursday at Max Safety in Arnhem. How to climb safely and efficient? What to do in case a calamity occurs? The Trainings Centre with a height of 20 meters is an excellent practice area for the 21 new students, to experience working at height and to bring the safety awareness to a good level. A useful training to prepare them for a visit to an onshore wind turbine, which will be on the agenda in a few weeks.

About OutSmart
OutSmart, member of TÜV Nord Group, provides wind-specific project management support, consultancy and operational services throughout the full lifecycle of onshore and offshore wind projects. The company combines experience with, and knowledge of, development, engineering, contracting, construction, handover and operations – all in one organization.
The mission of OutSmart is to provide expertise and experience as early as possible in a project with the goals of lowering the cost of energy and managing the risks. OutSmart is the independent European partner during development, construction and operations of wind projects.

OutSmart was launched in 2006 with a focus on wind energy and now employs more than fifty international staff, spread over branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. OutSmart provides independent technical operations services for some 550 MW in total.

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