Hexicon develops floating platforms for offshore wind energy


Swedish offshore wind power developer Hexicon raises 11.4 MSEK to secure the development of first reference plant

Swedish offshore wind energy developer Hexicon has attracted 11.4 MSEK (1.24 MEUR) in the form of a rights issue to existing owners.

Stockholm, Sweden – Swedish offshore wind energy company Hexicon, which recently announced an agreement with steel maker giant SSAB to develop offshore wind power platforms at deep waters, wants to accelerate the implementation of the new strategy and demonstrate its innovation by building their first reference power plant in the Baltic Sea.

(WK-intern) –  “This new capital will enable us to intensify our design work and the formation of a Swedish consortium that will build our first platform,” said Henrik Baltscheffsky, CEO of Hexicon.

Hexicon’s innovative and patented floating platforms are fitted with several wind turbines. The platform turns automatically into the wind while harnessing excellent conditions far offshore for the generation of renewable energy. The Hexicon platform is based on scale of economy and profitable energy production. The technology enables efficient wind park configuration in locations where winds are stronger and more stable, and where the visual and environmental impact is minimal.

After the issue, Hexicon has 96 shareholders including the two institutional investors Gamla SEB Trygg Liv and MGA Holding.

About Hexicon

Hexicon AB was founded in 2009 and is a design and engineering company, which provides know how, solutions and IP rights. The Hexicon solution offers wind energy production on the oceans, in locations not normally suitable due to sea depth and/or seabed conditions. The innovative and patented turning platform concept was initiated by people from the marine industry. Read more at www.hexicon.eu.

PR: Hexicon AB

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