Dong Energy gewinnt Award for Leadership in New Energy 2014

Offshore Windfarm / Pressebild: Dong Energy
Offshore Windfarm / Pressebild: Dong Energy

Dong Energy ist ein perfektes Beispiel für ein Unternehmen welches seine Offshore-Öl-und Gas-Erfahrung nutzt, und dieses Wissen erfolgreich in der Offshore-Windkraft anzuwenden.

Es ist ein Marktführer in diesem Bereich und wird eine zentrale Rolle bei der Kostensenkung spielen, sagte David Pike, Herausgeber von EI New Energy, Energy Intelligence Carbon und erneuerbare Energien Informationsdienst.

Winner of the 2014 Award for  Leadership in New Energy

Danish company Dong Energy is the winner of the 2014 Award for Leadership in New Energy. Dong Energy has been a pioneer in developing offshore wind technology, building off its expertise in both offshore oil and gas development and onshore wind.

“Dong is a perfect example of a company leveraging its offshore oil and gas experience to develop a new sector, offshore wind power. It’s a leader in that area and will play a central role in driving down costs,” said David Pike, Editor of EI New Energy, Energy Intelligence’s carbon and renewables information service. “On behalf of the selection committee and Energy Intelligence, I would like to offer our congratulations to Dong on this achievement.”

Dong Energy, headed by Chief Executive Henrik Poulsen, has become the world’s biggest player in the offshore wind energy sector, after building the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991 and the first large-scale offshore project in 2002. The state-owned company now makes as much money from wind power as it does from oil and gas exploration and production. Mr. Poulsen is implementing a new business plan that targets offshore wind as a core growth area. Dong’s activities come alongside an ambitious clean energy program in Denmark, backed by some of the toughest renewable energy targets in the world that are designed to wean the country off oil, gas and coal. The state’s long-term target is to reach 100% renewable energy in the energy and transport sectors by 2050.

Dong has set a target of some 6.5 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2020 – three times its current capacity – focusing on Europe’s main markets of the UK, Germany and D    enmark. The company also aims to reduce the cost of electricity from offshore wind projects to less than €100 ($130) per megawatt hour after 2020, with an ambitious roadmap covering turbines, foundations, offshore transmission, logistics and maintenance. This gives it a key role in bringing down the costs of this developing technology in order to make it a commercially viable form of renewable power.

Dong Energy placed sixth worldwide in the 2013 “Top 100 Green Utilities” ranking in EI New Energy. This assessed and ranked 100 leading utilities, accounting for half of global power generating capacity, according to their carbon emissions and renewable energy capacity. It was the third-highest European company in this ranking, behind Spain’s Iberdrola (the 2012 award recipient) and Portugal’s EDP.

PR: Energy Intelligence

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