WWEA Quarterly Bulletin 2-2014 published: Highlight Wind Power in China

WWEA has published the new edition of its magazine WWEA Quartely Bulletin – 2-2014.

Bonn – This edition of the WWEA Quarterly Bulletin is mainly dedicated to the 13th World Wind Energy Conference in Shanghai.

(WK-intern) – The WWEC2014 turned out very successfully, with delegates from all parts of the world presenting the global status of wind power and discussing key issues, in particular related to the main theme “Distributed Wind Power”.

Several articles in this bulletin reflect the inspiring spirit during the meeting of the global wind community, including reports from very different countries such as Denmark, South Africa, Kenya and Germany.

Further articles refer to how new technological developments are about to lead to a “silent wind power revolution” and recent work WWEA has done on improving the investment conditions for wind power in Pakistan.
WWEA Quartely Bulletin – Issue 2-2014 content:

News Analysis

  • Wind Power as the Primary Solution for Pakistan’s Power Crisis


  • WWEC2014 Conference Resolution
  • World Wind Energy Award 2014

WWEC2014 Shanghai Special

  • High Shares of Distributed Energy Supply: The case of Denmark
  • South Africa: Sun, Wave and Wind Will Replace Koeberg Nuclear Power
  • Scaling up of Wind Energy Development Plans in Kenya
  • Germany: The Role of Wind Energy in a Greenhouse Gas-neutral Energy Supply


  • Analysis of the “Silent Wind Power Revolution”, and Some Proposals to Benefit from It within a Large Scale Deployment Scenario

The bulletin 2-2014 can be downloaded for free from the WWEA website: http://wwindea.org/home/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=430&Itemid=41

PR: World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)

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