Erfolgsgeschichte der Windkraft durch niedrige Kosten

Windkraftanlagen-Zubau im 1. Halbjahr 2013 / Foto: HB
Windkraftanlagen sind eine lohnende Investition / Foto: HB

Im Februar 2013 berichtete Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Die Kosten für die Erzeugung von Strom aus Windenergie sind um 14 Prozent billiger als bei neuen Kohlekraftwerken und um 18 Prozent billiger als bei neue Gaskraftwerken.

Faster return on investment by establishing a local wind power industry

In the last 30 years wind power was driven to a level of technological maturity.

(WK-intern) – Today wind turbines deliver proven performance, availability and reliability – creating more value and high annual energy yields for investors and plant operators.

In February 2013 Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported that the cost of generating electricity from new wind farms is 14 percent cheaper than new coal plants and 18 percent cheaper than new gas plants.

With over 25 years industry experience of its employees, Corporate Energies advises local and state governments in concept developing with local content strategies, in the choice of pilot projects, technology transfer solutions for the establishment of national manufacturing capacities and component production in emerging markets. This includes all related technical and fi nancial services and the required training of human resources.

Establishing a local wind power industry means strong benefi ts for the domestic economy by generating local added value. The incubation of an high-value industry and establishment of an effi cient R&D product, lead to an increase of the national human-capital by job creations in the academic activities and in education on the job. Moreover there can be determined positive effects such as a permanent contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP), a positive trade balance and additional tax revenues for the region. In addition, meeting local content requirements together with lowering transport costs generate a decisive competitive advantage towards an import of wind turbines.

Together with turbine manufacturers the Industry Development team of Corporate Energies has evolved licensee partnerships, that provide exclusivity rights to manufacture a full-fl edged and sophisticated wind turbine in order to the specifi c demands of the home market. With the implementation of a four-yearstrategy to develop applicable manufacturing capacities, there is a potential to produce up to 50 – 200 MW per year locally with a faster return on investment, compared to a full import of wind turbines, plus an export opportunity of wind turbines to nearby markets.

About Corporate Energies Gr. GmbH & Co. KG

Corporate Energies company group is a German service providing holding, operating since 2008 in the renewable energies sector. About 65 professionals with over 25 years of experience on more than 500 MW installed capacity, provide all services along the value chain of renewable energy power production and along the life-cycle of power plants. With its headquarters in Berlin, Corporate Energies can also count on several international branches with offi ces in Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Italy, Canada and Philippines.

PM: Corporate Energies Gr. GmbH & Co. KG

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