Partnerschaft von McPhy Energy und Atawey stationären Energieautonomie Lösungen

Frankreich: Die Kooperation strebt eine Wasserstoff-Insel-Technologie für erneuerbare Energiespeicher an

H2 energy: McPhy Energy and Atawey join forces for off-grid stationary energy solutions

Atawey will exclusively integrate McPhy Energy’s solid state hydrogen storage technology into its energy autonomy solutions.

(WK-intern) – La Motte-Fanjas (France) – McPhy Energy, specialized in hydrogen production and storage equipment for industry and energy markets, and Atawey, a provider of stationary energy autonomy solutions, announce the signature of a partnership agreement for the remote-site market (telecom antenna, broadcast antenna, telecommunications and television base stations, off-grid housing, sustainable hotel facilities, living compounds, etc. located in mountain regions, on islands or in vast territorial expanses).

Under the terms of this agreement, McPhy Energy becomes the supplier of the solid state hydrogen storage systems to be integrated within Atawey’s energy autonomy solutions based on hydrogen generation for the storage of intermittent renewable energy. McPhy Energy will also contribute in promoting Atawey solutions worldwide.

Atawey will integrate the McPhy Energy’s low temperature metal hydrides technology for low pressure solid-state hydrogen storage. Through McPhy Energy’s international distribution network, Atawey will be able to address global energy autonomy markets (difficult to access remote sites not connected to electricity grids for which gas sourcing is complex and costly).

In June, in collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) team a first installation will be delivered for off-grid housing applications at the French National Solar Energy Institute (INES). Within the framework of the Thémis project, a second one will be also delivered in the third quarter for industrial applications like telecom antenna. Commercial studies are in progress for installations in mountain and island regions of the French territory.

“We welcome this agreement with McPhy Energy who successfully developed this solid storage technology adapted to our specific needs within a very short timeframe. This will allow us to develop a high capacity and long-lasting solution for renewable energy storage under conditions of safety and reliability that are perfectly adapted to Atawey’s systems. This partnership with a major reference on the hydrogen energy sector will allow us through its subsidiaries to promote our energy autonomy solutions in international markets “, commented Jean-Michel Amaré, Chairman and Co-Founder of Atawey.

Mcphy’s offices
” We are delighted to collaborate on this project with Atawey, an innovative start-up that has built on matured French technologies to propose safe and sustainable energy autonomy equipment for remote site applications. This new agreement is fully aligned with our strategy for developing in global markets for hydrogen energy”, concluded Pascal Mauberger, President and CEO of McPhy Energy.

About McPhy Energy
McPhy Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen-based solutions, was founded at La Motte Fanjas in France in 2008. The company draws on its exclusive technique for storing hydrogen in solid form and its years of experience in producing hydrogen through water electrolysis to design and manufacture flexible production and storage equipment.
McPhy Energy markets easy-to-use, environmental-friendly solutions combining unique safety features and energy independence to over 1,000 clients in the renewable energy, mobility and industry sectors.
The group has three production sites in France, Germany and Italy and an R&D laboratory in France.
Since March 25th 2014, McPhy Energy has been listed on Euronext Paris (compartment C, ISIN code: FR0011742329; ticker: MCPHY).

About Atawey
Eco-innovative start-up ATAWEY (Anytime, Anywhere, Energy) – a French company based in the Savoie Technolac energy sector entrepreneurship hub – studies, designs and manufactures complete energy autonomy solutions for isolated sites based on the long-term, high-capacity storage of renewable energies (solar, water, and wind) through hydrogen technologies.
Founded in 2012 by Jean-Michel Amaré (CEO) and Pierre-Jean Bonnefond (CTO), the start-up has spent several years in R&D and conducting experiments on hydrogen and energy technologies.
ATAWEY offers two product designs. The first one, “MYE 1” – intended for isolated housing located on islands, mountains and in vast territories – was launched in January 2014. The second, “MYE 10”, is destined for telecom and TV base stations and large-scale tourism infrastructure (resorts, lodges, etc.).
These two energy autonomy solutions provide between 1 and 30MWh of energy per year and can be adapted to the specific needs of sites. They are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

PR: McPhy Energy and ATAWEY

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