UN Climate Change Conference: Integrated technologies towards 100% renewables

REN Alliance side event at COP19 on 18 November: Integrated technologies towards 100% renewables

The UN Climate Change Conference COP19 is currently taking place in Warsaw. The recently launched 5th IPCC Report underlined the need for immediate action in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

(WK-intern) – Partners of the REN Alliance including the International Hydropower Association, the World Wind Energy Association, the World Bioenergy Association, the International Solar Energy Society and the International Geothermal Association, are holding

a side event at COP 19 in Warsaw on 18 November from 16:45-18:15 in “Room Cracow” 

“Integrated technologies towards 100% renewables: Case studies and examples at national and regional levels” 

to discuss prospects for integrated renewable energy systems and to demonstrate that the world can provide at least 50 % of its energy supply from renewable energy sources by 2035, in accordance with the IPCC recommendations.

The event will emphasise the policy changes required to reduce both global dependence on fossil fuels, and to achieve a transition to a 100% renewables scenario. It will feature presentations from all associations in addition to those from REN21 and the World Future Council.

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More information can be found at: http://ren-alliance.invotech.se

PR: Stefan Gsänger
– Secretary General –
World Wind Energy Association
WWEA Press

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