Efficax Energy Makes it to Zennström’s ‘Top 4’

Efficax Energy has been named a finalist in the 2013 Zennström Green Mentorship Award as a “well deserving clean tech entrepreneur”.

Energy Efficax has developed an energy-saving and easy to install junction box for solar energy at home

The Green Mentorship Award is a prize awarded by Skype founder Niklas Zennström to focus on the work being done by entrepreneurs to tackle climate change and create a low carbon future.

(WK-intern) – Lund, Sweden – Energy Efficax is among four finalists for the Green Mentorship Award, which among other things gives a personal mentorship from the famous Internet billionaire for a whole year. The overall winner will be announced in Stockholm, Sweden on December 17.
Green Mentorship Award Video

The prize is awarded by the Zennström Philanthropies, a foundation founded by Niklas Zennström and Catherine in 2007 to support organisations around the world that work for a better environment, and supports companies that do the same.

Niklas Zennström co-founded Skype in 2003. The company was sold to Ebay two years later for $4.1 billion. After some changes in ownership, Microsoft acquired Skype in 2007 for $8.5 billion from a group of investors, including Zennström.

Efficax Energy has developed a product called  Solar Flex. It is a junction box that has a complex valve system that can help a household save on energy costs by utilizing solar energy without having to change the internal infrastructure of a home.

Solar Flex is a plug-and-play method in which the collector on the roof can easily connect to the existing water heater indoors. Instead of replacing the property owner’s water heater, it connects to a small junction box. This does not only lead to reduced material and installation costs, but also that a solar collector can be installed where there previously was not possible due to lack of space.

Efficax Energy are presently engaged in a financing round that it still open to new investors.

PR: CEO, Efficax Energy

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