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(WK-intern) – Call for Research Results, Solutions and Business Ideas – Women4Energy International Conference

Call for Research Results, Technology Solutions and Business Ideas –
Women4Energy International Conference, 12. 12. 2013, Stuttgart, Germany

KIC InnoEnergy Germany and its partner Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum are pleased to announce this year’s Women4Energy International Conference taking place in Stuttgart on 12th December 2013. The conference is supported by the Ministry of Research, Science and Art in Baden-Württemberg, whose Minister, Ms. Theresia Bauer, is going to open the conference.

A call is open for women in science and women in industry to send their ideas and newest research results for technology solutions and business opportunities to be presented at the conference.

The conference is reaching out to all professional women active in energy related innovation to
• Create new business ideas and technology solutions for the energy market
• Generate and discuss new business models to get solutions to the market
• Encourage innovative business creation and to
• Enhance market entry for innovative energy technologies, processes and services

The conference is a unique opportunity to get insights into global energy challenges, learn about future trends and market needs and increase own networks by getting in touch with female experts in energy science and entrepreneurship in all energy related fields.

Women4Energy International Conference:
Gathering women from science and industry, with different backgrounds and cultures, the conference will foster the growth of new networks, where knowledge on newest science and technology solutions is exchanged with market and industry perspectives. At the same time, the conference gives higher visibility to women in the energy sector, encouraging other women to engage in this important research and working field to join forces for a better and more sustainable future.

Call for Research Results, Technology Solutions and Business Ideas:
The Women4Energy Conference encourages female entrepreneurs, women from energy related industry, women in science from research institutions and universities, post doctoral fellows, PhD students, graduate students and master students to submit an abstract with their research results and technology solutions as well as their business ideas in any of the following fields:
• Intelligent, energy-efficient buildings and cities
• Sustainable nuclear and renewable energy convergence
• Clean coal technologies
• European smart electric grid & electric storage
• Energy from chemical fuels
• Energy from renewables

Selected abstracts will get the opportunity to be presented in thematic workshops during the conference. The energy markets need new solutions and business models. Research results ready for exploitation in regard to products, processes and services can form the basis and have to be connected to market needs. The resulting ideas can form the basis for new innovation projects or business creations, to be supported by KIC InnoEnergy.
We invite interested women to send their abstracts and a short CV using the Word template (maximum of 2 pages in English) from the event website. Submission deadline is 30th September 2013.

For more information on the conference, please visit

European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions – Women4Energy:
Founded by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum in the frame of KIC InnoEnergy, the European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions – Women4Energy – connects women from science with women from industry backgrounds to enhance knowledge transfer and market access for new products and services needed to answer the energy challenges of our society.
KIC InnoEnergy is supporting diversity to enhance excellence. Steinbeis-Europa- Zentrum engages in gender as an innovation factor for more competitiveness in Europe.

For more information about KIC InnoEnergy, please visit:

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