Kletterhilfesystem IBEX 1000P setzt neue Maßstäbe

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Das neue Kletterhilfesystem IBEX 1000P setzt neue Maßstäbe im Bereich Transportfähigkeit und Erschwinglichkeit. Dank des leichten und kompakten tragbaren Schaltkastens bietet 1000P die intelligente Leistung und den Komfort, die IBEX® zu einem weltweiten Marktführer machen.

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Power Climber Wind Supplies 220 IBEX® 1000P Climb Assist Systems to New York Wind Farms

SEATTLE/BRUSSELS — Power Climber Wind, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, will be providing 220 IBEX® 1000P climb assist systems to a leading renewable energy company for three wind plants in New York – the Altona, Chateaugay and Wethersfield projects.
The IBEX® 1000P systems will be installed on 65 turbines at Altona, 71 turbines at Chateaugay and 84 turbines at Wethersfield later this year. The innovative features of the IBEX® 1000P’s portable control box, weighing only 8.5 lbs (4 kgs), set new standards for portability and durability. In addition to its IP 56 rating and robust design, the control box is thoroughly life-cycle tested and weatherproofed, and provides a safe, reliable and controlled up-tower climb for technicians in any tower, even in harsh climate conditions.
“When a wind plant owner chooses to install the IBEX® 1000P climb assist in every turbine at three of their projects, you know they are confident in the benefits they will reap,” said Mike Russell, National Sales Director. “With close to 10,000 systems sold worldwide, IBEX continues to lead the market. The 1000P’s truly portable control box eliminates the lugging of heavier controls tower to tower, offering a practical and technician-friendly safety tool by reducing the long-term wear and tear from climbing multiple ladders per day. And productivity increases as well. Everybody wins.”

About Power Climber Wind
Power Climber Wind helps major wind turbine OEMs, owners and service providers manage their operation and maintenance costs by providing the most reliable access equipment and expertise to improve employee safety, productivity and retention. The world leader in suspended access with 65 years experience putting people to work at elevation with motorized solutions, Power Climber Wind provides turbine service lifts, IBEX® climb assist, tower access platforms, blade access solutions, safety equipment and training globally. Our commitment to performing productively at elevation drives simple, smart product and hands-on training solutions to drive lower total cost of ownership and make our customers’ work a reliable, confident experience.

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