WWEA launches small wind portal small-wind.org

(WK-intern) – On the occasion of the 4th World Summit for Small Wind in Husum, the World Wind Energy Association has launched today a special internet portal that is exclusively dedicated towards small wind turbines. The aim of the portal is to offer an exchange platform for the small wind sector. The portal has a public area which is accessible for everybody and an area that is accessible for all members of WWEA Small Wind, offering more in-depth information for small wind professionals.

The main features of small-wind.org are:
– general information about small wind
– small wind statistics
– information about standards, certification and policies
– a buyer’s guide for consumers who are interested in installing small wind generators
– a forum for discussion of important topics within the small wind sector

Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General: “We are very pleased that we can offer a special platform for the small wind sector, a still small but fast growing part of the wind industry. Already today, millions of people are getting their electricity supplied from small wind turbines. With the new portal, we want to address the needs for more information within the small wind industry as well as of consumers but also for decision-makers in governments and public agencies.”

Nico Peterschmidt, Chair of the WWEA Small Wind section: “Small wind today is subject to continuous technological innovation, changes of legal frameworks and changes in standards and certification required to enter into small wind markets. The internet portal of WWEA Small Wind brings all small wind stakeholders together, encourages discussions in its forums and provides important information required to harvest more of the vast small wind potential.”

A summary of the Small Wind World Report 2013 can be downloaded for free here

The complete version of the 2013 Small Wind World Report can be ordered here (available from April 2013)

For more information, please contact:


Jean-Daniel Pitteloud
World Wind Energy Association
WWEA Head Office
Stefan Gsänger

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