12th World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition WWEC2013

(WK-intern) – The World Wind Energy Association WWEA and CETER invite you to submit abstracts for the 11th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition WWEC2012, taking place 3-5 June 2013 in Havana, Cuba. The conference is aimed at presenting, exchanging and discussing the latest knowledge on the state of wind energy and renewable energy in general, including the state of the technology.

Due to many requests from around the world, the organisers have decided to extend the deadline for submission of abstracts until 25 January 2013.

WWEC2013 will have a special focus on the Caribbean and Central American region and will hence feature the special topic of “Opening Doors to Caribbean Winds“.

The official conference languages will be English and Spanish.

Visit www.wwec2013.net or www.cubasolar.cu/wwec2013 for more information about the conference.

Abstracts are invited on the following topics:

  1. Local, national and regional policies, barriers, incentives
  2. International frameworks and programmes
  3. Community power, poverty alleviation and further strategies to optimize social benefits of wind power and other renewable energies
  4. Local and regional plans for 100 % renewable energy supply
  5. Capacity building, training and education
  6. System integration and optimization, grid connection
  7. Decentralised and distributed energy generation
  8. Wind turbine technology, systems, and components
  9. Wind resource assessment and prediction
  10. Wind farm planning
  11. Wind farms under extreme climate conditions
  12. Wind in the built environment: energy, habitability and vulnerability.
  13. Monitoring, operation and maintenance of wind farms
  14. Wind power and tourism
  15. Energy and water
  16. Food and energy
  17. Energy supply for communities in rural areas
  18. Small wind energy systems, their potential role, and what policies are necessary
  19. Hybrid systems, offgrid systems and storage
  20. Financing: Equity, loans and other measures including international funds like CDM, Green Climate, Global FIT, etc.
  21. Industrial strategies, cost optimization and creation of local manufacturing capacities
  22. Energy culture and communication

Abstracts format:

All abstracts should be concise and clearly state results, objectives or key components of the paper. They should not exceed 500 words and should contain a list of key words.  An electronic copy (in doc format) must be submitted before 15 January 2013 to: wwec2013@wwindea.org

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Paper Abstract Submission                                                                               15 January 2013
  • Deadline for Paper Abstract Reviews                                                                                     15 February 2013
  • Notification of the Accepted Papers to the first Author                                                         28 Februar 2013
  • Deadline for Submission of the Full Papers and Pre-registration of the Authors          15 March 2013
  • Publication of the Official Conference Programme                                                               20 March 2013
  • Deadline for the receipt of presentation material electronically                                          30 April 2013

Organized by:

World Wind Energy Association WWEA

Center for the Study of Renewable Energy Technologies CETER of the Polytechnic Institute Jose Antonio Echeverria CUJAE

In conjunction with:

Ministry of the Basic Industry MINBAS of Cuba

Latin American Wind Energy Association LAWEA

Cuban Society for Renewable Energy Promotion and Environmental Respect CUBASOLAR

  • Conference Chairs: He Dexin, WWEA President; Prof. Conrado Moreno, CETER; Fernando Tejeda, LAWEA President
  • Executive Chairs: Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General; Prof. Conrado Moreno, CETER
  • Programme Chairs: Prof. Dr. Chuichi Arakawa, Japan; Prof. Dr. Everaldo Feitosa, Brazil; Prof. Monica Oliphant, Australia; Prof. Woldemariam Wolde-Ghiorgis, Ethiopia

Supported by:

International Renewable Energy Alliance:

International Geothermal Association
International Hydropower Association IHA
International Solar Energy Society ISES
World Bioenergy Association WBA
Latin American Energy Organisation OLADE
Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century REN21

World Future Council


Contact information:



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